Welcome to PuClas4!

Studies indicate that pressure ulcer classification is complex and that misclassification between pressure ulcers and incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) frequently occurs. This results in inadequate prevention and treatment. Education is important to improve classification skills. 

The Skin Integrity Research Group (SKINT) at Ghent University (Belgium) is pleased to announce the launch of the 4th Edition of PuClas. Access to PuClas4 is granted after online registration. To cover development and hosting costs, a fee of 36 EURO will be charged. This will permit access to 7 modules for a period of 1 year starting from the date of registration. 

You will have access to following modules after registration:

  1. Introduction to pressure ulcers
  2. Introduction to incontinence- associated dermatitis (IAD)
  3. Pressure ulcer classification
  4. Differentiation between pressure ulcers and incontinence- associated dermatitis (IAD)
  5. Exercise module 1 (including 25 questions)
  6. Exercise module 2 (including 25 questions)
  7. Assessment module (including 25 questions)

Registrants will receive e-mail confirmation after payment is received. After following each module and passing the assessment, you will automatically receive a personalised certificateDiscounts apply for healthcare organisations willing to provide access to PuClas4 for their staff. Please contact us via SKINT@UGent.be to discuss the options.   


An unrestricted educational grant was provided by 3M Medical to support the development of PuClas4. Please contact us via SKINT@UGent.be  to become a partner in this project.


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